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Keeley - Zebra Jasper Crystal Dragon

Keeley - Zebra Jasper Crystal Dragon

€ 222,00 Incl. tax

3,5 x 7,5 x 4 cm

125 gr

Keeley - Zebra Jasper Crystal Dragon is perfect to dive deeper into the wisdom of your body. The hidden stories she wants to tell and the mystic wisdom that is ready to be embodied.

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"I am here to support you in a specific healing process. My transmission and healing focusses on healing the hidden story your body longs to tell. Your body is ready to let go and so are you. To be able to move forward, your body has to release the story, memories and survival system that was linked to this specific story. You are ready, you are safe and I am here to hold the sacred space for and with you."

Her words came through immediately. She is ready and so are you. This beautiful dragon will help you heal karmic and dna energetics. Old, energetic heaviness that is ready to leave your body. A transmission like this is mostly caused by energetic or sexual abuse when you were a child. However, when her words and energy draw you in, you will know no matter what your story is. 

I really love dragon energy. They are clear and sooo helpful and they wait for you to be ready. There was a time when dragon energy was normal to work with. Ancient times, heaven on earth. Keeley will bring you back to the ancient wisdom that is already activated in your field. Ready to be reclaimed and embodied in this lifetime. 

All dragons support you in choosing you, honouring your fire and your energy. This beauty however was very specific from the moment I laid my eyes on her. I feel deeply honoured that she is in our shop (and you will know what I mean the moment you hold her) and I can't wait to see who she calls in as her new owner.  

She comes with so many different layers and an immense, loving healing power. Not only due to her stone characteristics. Her energy is connected to a way bigger energy field. F.e. she was very specific where she wanted to be in our house, next to which skull she wants to wait for her new owner etc...She knows her worth and she will help you lovingly own yours too. 

Keeley is perfect for a woman who: 
* Does or has done lots of (feminine) lineage healing. 
* Desires support during periods of deep tissue and dna healing. 
* Survived sexual or energetic abuse and is ready to her story on a deeper level. 
* Knows life has more in store for her and is ready to lovingly claim all of this. 
* Desires to healing pleasing and under valueing herself on a deeper level. 

All in all, you will know when Keeley is yours. 
Deep, honest and loving healing. 
Ready to alchemise the shadow and old stories into the light. 

Close your eyes, open your heart and you will know. 
If you have any questions, please let us know at [email protected]


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