Women nowadays unwittingly hold lots of tension in their yonis. Energetic heaviness, energy of ex lovers and old painful memories can all be held in your yoni. This tension builds energetic walls and stands between you and your pleasure.

This is the same for your g-spot and cervix. Both pleasure and orgasm spots in your yoni but too often these are numb, painful and women don’t even know how to experience pleasure and orgasms through these magical parts of their body.

Your yoni is one of the most magical places in a woman's body. Your yoni holds your sexual energy, she is your pleasure portal and keeps ancient wisdom to be discovered during your sacred sexual energy practices.

As Cindy healed from deep and old sexual trauma her yoni always knew which step to take next. Ancient wisdom, true wealth and the most wonderful connection with her inner voice was all discovered during her sexual healing practices.

As she has helped hundreds of women with dearmouring sessions, yoni healing and pleasure initiations and activations, SHE now offers the best quality tools that you can discover yourself or together with Cindy during a Healing wand + coaching session.

We offer you the best wands to awaken your body and sexual energy. To discover your body on a whole new (spiritual) level and open up to your true potential.

Our Yoni healing wands are made of glass or crystal. Choose the one that calls you and discover what she has to offer. You can always contact us if you want our help with your selection or you can book your Healing wand + coaching session with Cindy.