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About Cindy

My name is Cindy and I am the founder of SHE. I have been working as a women’s sexuality and empowerment coach in life and business for about 8 years now. SHE - Sexual Healing Empire - was birthed through my channelings and the fact that my clients kept requesting quality yoni eggs and healing wands over the years.

Your Yoni is your temple, pleasure palace and the most powerful creation tool women have. She deserves quality products, safe and bought through wholesalers who have the same standards and passion for this work. 

With SHE I want you to have this safe and sacred space you can come to for all the things yoni and sexual healing and empowerment. Quality, authenticity and lots of personal attention are keywords in all my business and coaching practices and you can expect the same here at SHE. 

My sexual healing journey
The moment I started combining sexual healing with my business and life coach practices, was the moment my business experienced tremendous growth without hustle, burnout or losing myself in difficult strategies. 

Sex, love and relationships and all the blocks and trauma that came with it, have always been a big part of my life. As a small child I have been sexually abused by a family member. This trauma was buried deep in my body for over 38 years. That same trauma blocked my heart, hardened my pelvis and forced me to heal my beliefs in the feminine power of creation and receiving.

Sexual trauma comes in many forms and “grades”. Abuse, the unhealthy masculine energy in a woman and the addiction to hustle, burnout and overdoing is ready to be healed in all the things life, love and business. 

During the years I healed my masculine and femine energy.
I healed my inner voice and acknowledged my capacity to live with so much more ease, pleasure and luxury. And I healed my damaged and too long protected heart in love, friendships and business relationships. 

Sexual healing opens you up to all of you, just as she did for me.
You know when you are called. 

My sexual healing journey brought me so much more quality of life, more than I ever knew would be available for me. Deep intimacy work gave me the most amazing intimacy with myself and my body. Sexual healing is always the key in self-love, self-empowerment and self-trust. 

All the other special little nuggets you want to know about me: 
I am a projector in Human Design, a Libra with all other important astrology elements in Scorpio (hello sexual being and shadow worker) and a High Priestess in this ordinary 3D world. 

I am a sucker for 80’s songs and also love some good metal every now and then. I am passionate about good food and dito wine. 

Writing is my life. I love to write every day. In my journal, about my desires and exploring my blocks and old beliefs in life. 

I am a mom who loves to spend time with the most amazing little creatures. Sexual healing helped me become a more loving, relaxed and easy-going mom. 

I love gemstones, essential oils and beautiful candles. 

Doing things with moderations is not my style. Not in life, not in love and certainly not in business. I am all in, or all out. 

I am passionate, loving depths in all connections and seeking more and more pleasure in everyday life. I highly stand for embodiment in all I do. 

I have been called too much, too difficult, too fickle, too passionate, too wild, too loud and so much more….AND I will always keep being the invitation for you to be the same when you feel called within your heart. 

I hope you enjoy our products, blogs and all the other information we love to offer. Never hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to offer your products within our network. I am always open to new quality products in our assortment. 

Enjoy, open up for more and keep making love your nr 1 priority in life.



Cindy Stal
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