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Pleasure Wands - To awaken the true and full potential of your Yoni

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21 products

21 products

Pleasure Wands: Essential in your Feminine Healing Journey


Why use a Pleasure Wand?

Women nowadays unwittingly hold lots of tension in their yoni. For example energetic heaviness, energy of past lovers and old painful memories are all stored in the tissue of your yoni. The tension of and blocks in your yoni tissue create energetic walls between you and your dream life, love and business. 

You desire more pleasure, love and abundance in your life and too often the yoni is overlooked and ignored in your busy day to day life. Working with Pleasure Wands is a very effective and deep transformative way of healing. Our wide range of Pleasure Wands help you open up and heal your sexual energy to create all your desires with more ease and pleasure. 

A Pleasure Wand is such a loving healing tool. She welcomes you home to you, the ancient codes your yoni holds and helps you feel safety within your own body and energy. Your yoni is one of the most magical places in a woman's body. Your yoni holds your sexual energy, she is your pleasure portal and keeps ancient wisdom to be discovered during your sacred sexual energy practices.

The advantages of buying a SHE Pleasure Wand

Buying a Pleasure Wand has never been "just a buying decision" to me. As with everything, the energy, quality and intention behind a product is most important to me. Therefore we only buy from intuitive, feminine retailers and all new Pleasure Wands go through a High Priestess Initiation Ritual before they go online in our shop. 

Last but not least: when you buy your Pleasure Wand we handpick the right one of your chosen material for you (based on your energy and future energetics). It's not just a Pleasure Wand it's a healing initiation. 

We offer you the best wands to awaken your body and sexual energy. To discover your body on a whole new (spiritual) level and open up to your true potential.


Crystal, Glass or Metal Pleasure Wands - Which Pleasure Wand should I buy?

Our Yoni healing wands are made of crystal, glass or metal. First and most important of all: choose the one that calls you and discover what she has to offer. 

If this is your first Pleasure Wand, buying a glass Pleasure Wand is a great choice. Glass carries no other energy than yours when you use it, which gives you the best opportunity to just experience and be with your own transmission and healing. 

Crystal Pleasure Wands; I love their different healing energies. I believe every woman should experience different crystal wands. There is a time and healing for rose quartz, fire quartz and f.e. rainbow obsidian Pleasure Wands. Every single one has its own transmission. 

Metal Pleasure Wands; At SHE we offer one specific Metal Pleasure Wand. Thor is perfect for deep healing, energetic heaviness that sticks no matter what you try and deeper sexual trauma. 

As with all, please don't hesitate to contact us with your questions or if you like my team and myself to help you choose the right one for you at this moment.

When you desire a Sacred Safe Space and extra support during your healing, you can book your personal coaching session with CindyShe has helped hundreds of women with dearmouring sessions, yoni healing and pleasure initiations. Ancient wisdom, true wealth and the most wonderful connection with your inner voice can all be discovered during a 1-on-1 sexual healing session.