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Crystal Skulls

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16 products

16 products

Crystal Skulls - Let their magic delight and surprise you!


Buy your unique Crystal Skull 

Every Crystal Skull comes with its own energy, energy field that he or she is connected to and a unique transmission ready for you to experience. At SHE we clear every Skull that comes in from energetic heaviness and invite them to show their unique and ancient wisdom when they feel ready. 

Every Skull is unique and has its own pace and divine timing. They each get initiated in our unique Priestess energy. Cindy personally feels into every Skull, connects their energy fields when she feels called to and opens them up to welcome their new owner in. 


The advantages of buying a SHE Crystal Skull

Cindy truly feels that Skulls call in their new owner. They know with whom they belong and she always enjoys the unique connections that come forward. Cindy personally channels each Skull and their text is up in our webshop. 

When you buy your Crystal Skull at SHE, you receive:

  • A Skull that is already cleared from dense and heavy energy. They are safe to use and will only add to your home, instead of unconsciously taking. 
  • Your personal channeled text. Every Crystal Skull comes with a unique transmission. At SHE we offer you this transmission as well and don't just sell you a Crystal Skull. 
  • A Crystal Skull that is highly initiated and connected to a bigger energy field. This field carries more energies that will add to your growth, divine love and will add more abundance in your life. 

Open your heart, tune in and let your inner wisdom show you the way. I believe a skull travels with you for a specific time (or stays with you forever) and therefore should be felt and almost as if she chooses you. 

Go have a look and find out for yourself. If you have any questions about a specific skull, do not hesitate to contact us. Cindy and her team are more than welcome to help you choose the right one for you at this moment. 


How Cindy her love for Crystal Skulls was born

Skulls and their energy, I could talk about it for ages. Many years ago a small clear crystal skull really caught my eye in a Reiki practice. The woman told me this skull was looking for a new home and gave her to me. “You can have her. She wants to be with you. Let her open you, just like she opened me.”

I carried this little 2 cm skull in my pocket for weeks. I took her with me to work, meditated and journaled with her. Even though she was relatively small, she felt big in her energy. Not long after that I bought my own Rose quartz skull and she was the first of many to come.  And…so my love for crystal skulls was born.