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Aura Spray

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2 products

2 products

Aura Sprays

Buy your desired Aura Spray with so much ease at SHE for all the different healing stages in your Feminine and Pleasure Journey. An Aura Spray for more self-love, welcoming more abundance into your life or removing unwanted entities from your home. The possibilities for buying your favorite Aura Spray are endless and you can even order one specifically made for you and your healing or desired energy. 

Why use an Aura Spray?

Our Aura Sprays are uniquely designed to support your nervous system, energetic and emotional body. In today's society energetic heaviness lingers too long, your nervous system quickly becomes overstimulated and the importance of cleansing your home is more important than ever. The SHE Aura Sprays do this and so much more for you.

SHE Aura Sprays:

  • support your healing and transmissions.
  • clear your aura with ease and help to let go of energetic heaviness instantly.
  • are made of high quality oils and this reflects in their transmission.
  • make creating and receiving your desires so much lighter and pleasurable!
  • perfect to use within your family home and/or business.


Each Aura Spray consists of:

  • High quality oils
  • Moonwater
  • Gemstones
  • Alcohol
  • All Aura Sprays come in a brown glass bottle made of European glass.

Pleasure can only be embodied when you first find safety within your own truth and body.
Let our SHE Aura Sprays assist you in this beautiful Feminine Journey.