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Smudge Sticks - Cleanse your energy field and home with ease

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Crucial within your rituals: the smudge stick 


How to use a smudge stick

A smudge stick is indispensable for you as an intuitive woman. A smudge stick can be used at the beginning of a ritual, cleansing your aura or clearing your entire house of excess and heavy energy. Smudging - burning sage - is an ancient spiritual ritual. As with all rituals: always be guided by your own, inner wisdom. 

Light your smudge stick safely and then blow it out. Now cleanse your aura or walk through a room and really feel into the energy. When the energy feels heavier or dense, smudge as long as it feels good to you. State within yourself that all that is ready to go, will go with ease and stays away. What does not belong will automatically leave your field and/or space.


Buy your Smudge Stick

You are magical and it is up to you to connect with your inner wisdom and qualities that are still partially hidden within you. Check out our different Smudge Sticks and choose the one that calls your name. If you have any questions, contact us and we will be happy to help you make your decision. Time to release all the energy that is currently holding you back from fulfilling your desires and experiencing overall more joy in your life! Tune in and feel which Smudge Stick suits you best.