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Eskya - Rainbow Obsidian Yoni Wand

Eskya - Rainbow Obsidian Yoni Wand

Eskya - Rainbow Obsidian Yoni Wand

€ 222,00 Incl. tax

Size: 19 x 2-4,5 cm

Entrance 2 cm

Thickest point: 4,5 cm

Weight: +/- 470 gr

Material: Rainbow Obsidian

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Eskya ~ When the mountain whispers, you know you have to answer her calling. Eskya is our beautiful Rainbow Obsidian Yoni Wand. Every Priestess, Healer, Blueray Starseed knows how it feels to be the Space Holder of a large, deep and loving energy field. Eskya will do just this for you. She will be your loving Space Holder in deep transmissions or when you have to let go of energetic heaviness.  


A Priestess healed trauma, wounding and other darker energy that was ready to leave a body. She knew the healing power of Sexual Energy in this work. She knew she was the facilitator of this field. The Space Holder, the earthly channel. Energy went through her body and when it was ready to go, she let it all go.

The intention of our Priestess Collection is loving and high quality tools that facilitate you in your deep, loving and oh so needed healing work. Eskya is a must have in your Priestess collection. You know how to handle deeper transmissions and Eskya is here to show you how to embody lightness in all of this.

This is what Rainbow Obsidian did for me and does for my clients. Eskya shows you a new way. A way that is more loving to your own body, energy and time. Obisidian sometimes scares people off. It did with me in the beginning of my own Sexual Healing. It was only my own projection but through the years I talked to many women with similar experiences.

I want you to have a different experience. With Eskya we offer you a loving yoni wand that comes with much lighter energy. You can use her for your Sexual Healing rituals and she is also amazing on your altar and just feeling her present in your energy field. 

Eskya is for the woman who:
* knows she did this work in former lifes already. 
* desires a more loving way in her Sexual Healing.
* has a healing or coaching practice and knows the worth of letting go of all the energetic heaviness. 
* knows that polarity is part of life and works with the dark in her favor. 
* is ready to hold it all with more ease. 

Eskya - true union in love. Abundance in everything you do. 
A keeper for life. 

Please note: the yoni wands are carved from raw crystal and each crystal is uniquely made. They are buffed and polished to be as smooth as possible. It is normal and natural to have natural inclusions present; differences in colors within a crystal; and minor surface imperfections. As long as there are no jagged edges or sharp fractures, your yoni wand is safe to use. Please take your Rainbow Obsidian Yoni Wand outside or hold her in the sunlight to see her beautiful colouring and amazing flashes.


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