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Plan a date with yourself

Published on 7 f, 2022 By Cindy Stal
Plan a date with yourself

Sunday Musings…


Tomorrow will be the Magical 08-08 Lions Gate Portal. With Portals like these I always wonder why there is so much information and almost glitter energy about the 08-08 date and still too little about the days before. 

Imagine walking into a Party with your hair all messed up, little energy and not dressed to the occasion. How are you going to walk through the Gate? 

With your standards upgraded?
Your heart open and proud to be you? 


Will the old version of you still walk through the Gate on your back? 

It's never only about "THE MAGICAL DATE". My unpopular opinion is that this is still a spiritual bypass in her optima forma. 

Like Full and New Moon come after the 3 three darker days that require introspection, Mama Lion requires the same. 

Plan a date with yourself, your journal and your best coffee or Gin Tonic and take a look at your life. How do you really feel? Is your day to day life really in alignment with how you feel? And do your pumps walk your talk? 

Be gentle with yourself, open your heart and upgrade your life. 
Ask your Spirit Team to spoil you with love and abundance. 
And only do what, not only lights up your heart but lights up your whole life. 

Have a magical Sunday!

XO Cindy 

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