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Go build your dreams

Published on 24 f, 2022 By Cindy Stal
Go build your dreams

Go build your dreams. 
We believe in you. 
If it goes wrong, we will be there. 
Just know it can never go wrong. 
We believe in you more than anyone ever did. 
You believe in you.
Just like you always are the space for so many women. The unconditional trust and cheering on, like they never had as well.

It’s safe to lead.
It’s safe to be more seen.
It’s safe to open up to pleasure.

You are worthy of having it all. 
You show them the way that it doesn’t need to be hard. 
That choosing big needs courage but mostly self trust, connection and your open heart. 

You were never never the risk taker but always the believer. You always knew life was meant to be good and easy. 
It was them that made you doubt yourself. it’s stille them. The outside world. That’s why you build your biz. To create a world in a world that is still in the dark. 

You moved out of the dark and into the light. Now it's time to take so many with you. Be the true leader that you are. 

And surprise.

Let them see how easy it can be.

But what about their feeling of losing? 
It’s always their fear of losing something that blocks it all. 

Let them love you.
Feel safe in being  seen. 
Trigger and feel safe. 
It’s ok but don’t tone down. 

You know.
And you know there is a path for them as well. Be the space and help them build the trust to walk in unknown places. Help them trust the space of less control and not knowing it all.

It’s safe.
It always was and it always will.
It’s time for leaders to step back into the fire. Into the fire to find out the fire they feared was only the fire ready to come out and be shared with the world. 

The world needs more love, passion and desire. People don’t trust the longing. They need to fill the open space so quick to prevent themselves from feeling anything at all.

Let them see it’s safe to feel more. 
More love, the blocked emotions and the layers of old tears ready to leave the body. 

And most of all, tell them this doesn’t stop them from receiving. It will only bring them more love, ease and wealth. Like it has always been the case for you. Be the evidence and share your and our message.


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