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Elonora - Rock Crystal Dragon

Elonora - Rock Crystal Dragon

€475,00 € 397,00 Incl. tax

10 x 5 x 5

244 gr

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Seek for something more.

Seek is not the right word. Desire is the true energetic. You are ready and this beauty will show you that there is never something like “right or wrong”. Good or bad. Or / or. It just is and when you are ready for more, she will help you open up to the aligned energetics. 

You are perfect, just as you are today. In your beauty and your “flaws”. And you are ready for more. There is something else or a deeper level that wants to be expressed through you. Your Soul’s truth. Building your legacy. Or f.e. writing a book.

You are her vessel. What wants to be heard, seen and felt. Not just and only when all the outer conditions align. Alignment is felt inside of you. Alignment is a choice. Alignment is the energetics you choose to step into. 

You have to see yourself for who you truly are. 
You have to be the first to feel the energy of your Soul.
You are the one that has to acknowledge and anchor in your truth.

You are the one.
The chosen one for this transmission.
Nobody will be able to hear it like you do.

You are your altar.
You are your holy grail.
You are all you ever searched for.

The special one.
The chosen one.
The one you already see outside yourself and in your dreams.

You are her.
It’s time you anchor in all the rainbow codes that want to come through.
She will invite you to be present. To take the time to let her wisdom unfold; just as yours will.

No rush, no quick fix.
Quality over quantity.

There is so much depth and many layers to be discovered.
True beauty, union and grace to be found.
Radiant and elegance, all welcomed in to embrace your natural flow.
Let her energy spoil your life, love and business with all this and more.

Grace, your true feminine energy.

Always feel free to send us a message @ Social Media or [email protected], if you want us to help you choose the best Crystal Being for you.


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