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Xana - Fluorite Dragon

Xana - Fluorite Dragon

€ 388,00 Incl. tax

Xana is our amazing Fluorite Dragon. She carries a fairy kinda energy and brings so much lightness into your world.

15 x 6 x 7 cm

948 gr

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Xana, our beautiful Fluorite Dragon. I have had many Fluorite Dragons and Skulls in my home during the 9 years I am in business. Fluorite has something magical, almost like a fairy / forest kind of energy. Loving and light. It's magical and so welcome in our day to day life. 

Let's talk about Xana. Xana carriers strong healing energy. Strong and light at the same time. She is able to help you heal karmic cords, strong shadow pieces and energetic heaviness that is ready to leave your body. She feels like a DNA shifter. Just by having her present in your home, she will bring you the healing that is needed. 

To me that is always what Fluorite does. It's just present and working for you. Xana would love to be close to you. Take her with you when you go to bed and put her close to your heart, pelvic or crown chakra. Trust her to do the work. 

This is part of her transmission: Trust life, the earth, energy to do the work for you. "Doing" is not what defines you. True feminine leadership is shifting. It's about everything you are in life. Business is not seperated from who you are as a mom f.e. You are everything and it is and will always be about you.

You came into this life carrying amazing qualities that want to be expressed. Expressed fully into this life. Embodying and anchoring in these qualities might take you to the end of your comfortzone sometimes. Again, not by doing...just by being. Shadow wants to be alchemised. You do this work by being and taking only the aligned actions. 

Xana will help you with this. She will uplift the energy around you and in your aura to let all this happen. With this beauty in your home, your life will be easier. Holding her will bring you instant lightness. You don't have to do everything alone and this beauty will always be there. Remembering you about just this. 

You are lightness. 
You are abundance. 
You are beauty. 

This is how life is meant and this is how your qualities want to be expressed. Through you, through your life, through your energy. When Xana is yours, she will help you shift into more of this. More and more and more. She is unstoppable and so are you. A force to be reckoned with. 

Embrace who you truly are and show your magical self to the world! 
Open your heart, feel into her energy and when she is yours you will know.  


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